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Shenzhen VR Industry: The Advent of The Era Of VR

October 13th is the first day of the Shenzhen double Week exhibition area open to the public.In the AOKE Electronics, magic mirror VR, Huan technology booth, want to experience VR equipment, VR game people lined up. Although some people lament the “cool”, some people complain about “dizzy”, but the reporter noted that, VR products is still the most interested in viewing the public to try one of the new things.

Known as the “VR first year” in the past 2016 has been more than half,The capital of VR blitz and cold to come and go like a wind. Insiders pointed out that the VR industry in Shenzhen is about to usher in a more obvious difference in the development– do the contents of the trend to embrace quietly, do hard to support the hardware upgrade,While the underlying technology updates and progress is undoubtedly the industry to promote sustained and steady development of the source power.

Hardware: monthly production of VR equipment 10 million units


At present, Shenzhen VR equipment has been done on the scale of about 10 million units a month, 80 percent sold to overseas markets.
Reporters learned that the current mainstream market, there are three types of VR equipment: mobile phone side VR equipment, computer PC host VR device and VR-one machine, the current production of VR Shenzhen one machine and VR mobile phone box, occupy the entire market considerable Big share.

Output amazing, the export-oriented, price advantage – this is the VR industry practitioners on the Shenzhen impression. Harrys Hong said that Shenzhen’s understanding of the hardware itself is sufficient, but the understanding of this new field of VR is inadequate, and some companies do not even understand the value of software in the field of VR. He said that the underlying algorithm is missing, including many domestic VR, including the shortcomings of hardware vendors, some of the technical indicators and algorithms have the advantage of the team will therefore take the lead in the future.

Harrys Hong also admitted that in the past, the whole industry was too optimistic. “In order to play a few VR games, actually require consumers to spend 15,000 yuan to buy a computer, plus the device itself four or five thousand dollars, a full set of products to win down to two million, which is far from the mass market. “He believes that any product is iterative, like from VCD to DVD to Blu-ray, like the order, the beginning is too idealistic easy to run into a wall.

 Content: VR industry is still in the eve of the outbreak


Wear VR glasses, choose a favorite merchandise, just look at a few eyes, the courier will be able to deliver the door…… The venue in the double week, Alibaba’s ant payment service has released the world’s first VR payment products, the user through the touch, gaze, nod and other interactive mode, you can complete the payment.

VR although the application of a wide range, but the good content is still scarce, especially the game, live, movies and other entertainment content.” Turning to the future development of the VR industry,Think from the media “VR value” founder Pu pigeon, VR hardware market has formed a relatively mature All flowers bloom together., format, while users of high-quality VR content thirst for more and more intense. VR video broadcast and VR game is currently the most popular and easy to be accepted by users of the two major areas.

VR although very popular, but this industry chain is very long, do content, do sensors, do the platform have, each link may have a giant.” Rooted in Guangdong AOKE Technology Co., Ltd. founder Chris very confident in this industry. According to him, the company’s flagship of a shooting class VR game on a certain Internet TV to achieve cooperation,the current download has more than 2.1 million times .

According to Chris introduced, AOKE Electronic core competitiveness from the development of somatosensory interactive technology. Somatosensory interaction is a more subtle area of VR underlying technology. He believes that the current development of this technology is not perfect, for start-ups is a corner overtaking opportunities.

In the outside world, Shenzhen city cloud dream Technology Co. Ltd. is a 3D fitting equipment company, but CEO in double week told reporters that they want to cooperate with some of the VR industry company.“Where cross-border confidence come from? He said that their own business 3D modeling and measurement technology has been a number of companies want to do VR game of concern.

Imagine, in the future VR game, a few seconds to build a model based on your body, in the gaming experience and social gaming, will have what kind of temptation? “He told reporters Imagine.VR prospects are well known, but to achieve this” good all “, but also a group of buried bottom technology research and development of enterprises” hard work. “

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