USB NFC Magic wristband – R2

  • R2 Magic Band
  • Porduct size: 195.5g
  • Material: silicone
  • Type: NFC bracelet
  • Charger: USB charging cable
  • Color: Red and black,Yellow and black,Blue and white,Green and white
  • Function:App starts: it can be start preset applic ations and apps installed in the mobile; date cable: the watch strap also serves as a data cable; healthy bracelet”
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aipker nfc magic band

The NFC Magic wristband H5S

aipker nfc magic band aipker nfc magic bandaipker nfc magic bandaipker nfc magic band aipker nfc magic band aipker nfc magic band

Technical Parameters

Aipker NFC Magic wristband

1. Magic Band
2. NFC bracelet
3. E-card
4. Data cable & charging cable
5. Notebook
6. Healthy bracelet
7. APP starts

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