KN95 Face Masks Dust Respirator KN95 Mouth Masks Adaptable Against Pollution Breathable Mask Filter

Item Introduction: Name:KN95/N95 Material:Non-woven Fabric, KN95 Solvent Spray, Thermal Insulation Cotton Weight:6g / Mask Color:White Size :10.5×14.5cm Quantity:10 Masks / Pack Item Details: * Preserves heat and is waterproof * Soft texture and comfortable wear * PM 2.5 filtration with an efficiency rate up to 95% >Welcome to discuss more details with me: >Mr. Jerry […]

large size screen 3g android 4.4 smart watch

Find Large Size Screen 2.2inch 3G Android 4.4 Smart Watch

Find Large Size Screen 2.2inch 3G Android 4.4 Smart Watch   In 2016, the rapid development of smart watches, different manufacturers try every means to design a different product appearance to attract customers, but many designers did not conduct an investigation before the design did not understand what customers really need is the product, leading […]

aoke vr box

Shenzhen VR Industry: The Advent of The Era Of VR

October 13th is the first day of the Shenzhen double Week exhibition area open to the public.In the AOKE Electronics, magic mirror VR, Huan technology booth, want to experience VR equipment, VR game people lined up. Although some people lament the “cool”, some people complain about “dizzy”, but the reporter noted that, VR products is […]

2016,Best Smart Watches

2016, 10 Best Smart Watches, You Wear It?

HUAWEI WATCH: diameter: 42mm price: $299 (about 1992 yuan), operating system support: iOS, Android, features: 360 degrees full view no moon display screen, sapphire glass screen, HUAWEI launched the smart watch market is one of the best. When other brands focus on gimmick and technology, HUAWEI in the pursuit of appearance and durability. It may […]


Apple CEO Cook Announced That It Will Set Up Research And Development Center in Shenzhen

Shenzhen October 13 special telegram (reporter Aipker Smartwatches) invited to participated in 2016 national double in shenzhen a week of apple CEO Tim cook announced that the company will set up r&d center in shenzhen. Cook said apple will be set up in shenzhen the second r&d center in China.Set up r&d center, will provide, […]

Aipker Watch may soon start diagnosing, and not just tracking your health

Aipker wants to be the halfway house between you and your doctor – and probably one day become your doctor entirely. The problem is that a lot of the data it’s throwing at us right now, via HealthKit and the Apple Watch, is heavy on numbers and light on meaningful information.

g5 sport style heart reat watch

What is the newest smart watch in 2016 ?

What is the new products (new smart watch) in 2016 ?

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