Top SIM Smart Watch Phone - DZ09

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However, if you’re in a hurry and know it’s right for you, click right here and check out the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone with Camera for Android SmartPhones – Golden right now at watch dz09


  • Aoke DZ09 Smartwatches support SIM card: can be used as an independent mobile phone (GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900), Can Support Memory card up to 32GB.
  • Aoke DZ09 Smartwatches  HD display: High sensitive capacitive touch screen; perfect match technology.
  • Aoke DZ09 Smartwatches  multi function: Passometer (Step Counter), Sleep Tracker, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Answer Call, Dial Call, Remote Control, Push Message, Altitude Meter.
  • Two way Anti-lost: After activating anti-lost function, Smartwatcheswill ring or vibrate to alert if the smartphone leaves Smartwatches 10 meters away. Smartphone will ring after you activate looking phone function, that you can find the phone easily.
  • Maximum compatibility: All Android Smartphones . Such as for Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, XIAOMI, and so on.

It also has the AokeD Z09 Smartwatches  HD display with a very sensitive touch screen. This means you don’t have to jab the face every time you want it to do something – the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phonewill respond quickly and instantly to exactly what you want as you interface through the screen.

As far as other bits and bobs – this puppy can monitor your sleep, count your steps so you can stay on top of your fitness goals, it will remind you of you messages and the calls you received, will answer for you and make calls, act as a remote control, and even tell you how high up in a building you are. This is the Aoke DZ09 Smartwatches multi function suite, and is pretty comprehensive. Just about the only things it can’t do for you is finish your reps or eat your food. But with it on, who needs a mom? (Don’t tell her I said that.)

The Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone also has a tracker for your phone (well, your other phone). If you ever leave your clunky regular phone somewhere and walk off without it, your Aoke Smartwatches will vibrate or ring to let you know you’ve left your phone behind. In addition to letting you know you’ve lost your phone, you can activate the “looking phone” function and it will lead you to where you left it. Pretty slick. I wonder if you could somehow hook this up to do the same thing with your kids?

This sucker is also fully Bluetooth enabled, and is completely compatible with all Android 4.3 and up smart phones. However, there is slightly less than full compatibility with iPhones. * Sigh *  With pretty much everything else, though, it’s good to go.

In addition to English, the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone also interfaces in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, and Turkish – you know, in case you’re on a spy mission and something goes awry. And talking about spy missions – the camera in this spy watch, I mean Smartwatches, is on the side and is 0.3MP. Not the awesomest resolution ever, but pretty dang good for what we’re talkin’.

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What do people have to say who actually bought the thing?

Those who like the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone really liked it, and that’s most of the people who got it. A lot of today’s Smartwatcheses have batteries which seem to require charging throughout the day, but this little sucker‘s batteries will keep going a full day and, one customer said, up to three days on a single charge!

And most users are pretty happily surprised at how completely the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone will sync to their phone. Even though there is supposed to be limited functionality with iPhones, one customer reported that their new Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone synced quickly and completely with their iPhone 6Plus. And Shay L. Good posted this tip – reboot after downloading the notifier app, and things will move forward smoothly.

Warts? As sleek as this guy is, it’s not waterproof (important to know before you test it out). One plenty irritated customer said their watchstrap broke after only a month. I imagine that saw some hard living. Another issue is that the user manual is tiny and was evidently written by mice – so get yer specs out when you open the box! And some users also commented on how low the sound was.

Now, there is a site for the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone which gives full instructions for new owners, and a lot of other customers who had similar problems were able to get things worked out through the info on the Aoke site (I will add a link here to the instructions site as soon as I locate it). I will also keep my eyes open for a source to get replacement watchstraps – in the meantime, if you feel the strap is giving way, take off your Smartwatches before accidentally losing it, and check out your local time piece store for a replacement band.

Overall, this is a remarkable piece of machinery for the price. A wheelbarrow-full of features, a very clean and sleek look, and amazing versatility make the Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone an incredible bargain. People buying through smaller retailers have had issues with customer service in the past, so make sure you buy your Aoke 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smartwatches Phone with Camera for Andriod SmartPhones – Goldenthrough – secure check-out, fast delivery options, and the best price you’ll find anywhere that’s legal.

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