Holiday Notice of Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival-AOKE Smartwatch

The People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949, and will be the 71st anniversary of its founding on October 1, 2020. It happened to be our August 15th, Mid-Autumn Festival.Is our most memorable day in China

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Aipker Wholesale Smart Watch Factory

Aipker was established in 2009, with a registered capital of 50 million, and the state key high-tech enterprise. The total construction area is about 46,000 square meters, and the main products include:Smart watch&Fitness Tracker & Bluetooth Earphone, etc. Company’s own r&d – design – manufacturing – sales for the integration of the group, with about 4000 employees, is located in the geographical position: 2F, Dream Factory, Songhu Yungu, No. 153,Sheguiling, Changtang Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan, China 523770. The product range covers the mainland, North America, Europe, Brazil, South Korea and other countries.

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large size screen 3g android 4.4 smart watch

Find Large Size Screen 2.2inch 3G Android 4.4 Smart Watch

Find Large Size Screen 2.2inch 3G Android 4.4 Smart Watch


In 2016, the rapid development of smart watches, different manufacturers try every means to design a different product appearance to attract customers, but many designers did not conduct an investigation before the design did not understand what customers really need is the product, leading to blind follow the design Other products, resulting in market products, the degree of poor customer experience, many customers buy back to find the picture shows the effect of a great difference in kind, it is angry
Aoke electronic designer Chris deeply understand and understand the feelings of customers, while the current market design products, I feel very helpless, AK89 is AOKE electronic R & D team based on a large number of customers and market research data to develop a new large-screen 3G Smart watch, this Android 4.4 intelligent machine uses a 2.2-inch IPS full perspective display, Screen resolution 320 * 240, MT6572A 1.2G Dual-core CPU, so fast, to solve the small screen on the market vacancies, users buy back You can download the app yourself, for example :: Download Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Skype, Navigation, and other applications
More detailed parameters please AOKE only official website query:

large size screen 3g android 4.4 smart watch


aokeaipker smart watch

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aoke vr box

Shenzhen VR Industry: The Advent of The Era Of VR

October 13th is the first day of the Shenzhen double Week exhibition area open to the public.In the AOKE Electronics, magic mirror VR, Huan technology booth, want to experience VR equipment, VR game people lined up. Although some people lament the “cool”, some people complain about “dizzy”, but the reporter noted that, VR products is still the most interested in viewing the public to try one of the new things.

Known as the “VR first year” in the past 2016 has been more than half,The capital of VR blitz and cold to come and go like a wind. Insiders pointed out that the VR industry in Shenzhen is about to usher in a more obvious difference in the development– do the contents of the trend to embrace quietly, do hard to support the hardware upgrade,While the underlying technology updates and progress is undoubtedly the industry to promote sustained and steady development of the source power.
2016,Best Smart Watches

2016, 10 Best Smart Watches, You Wear It?

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

HUAWEI WATCH: diameter: 42mm price: $299 (about 1992 yuan), operating system support: iOS, Android, features: 360 degrees full view no moon display screen, sapphire glass screen, HUAWEI launched the smart watch market is one of the best. When other brands focus on gimmick and technology, HUAWEI in the pursuit of appearance and durability. It may not have the most advanced GPS integration or similar progress, but its beauty and wear resistance is a good way to make up for this lack of. It has some of the elements required for smart watches, and the performance of the extraordinary. In addition, its price is also very suitable. Sales are said to be very poor, typically with no market price.

dm365 ips full view bluetooth round watch

Aipker Smartwatch : diameter: 44mm ,price: $99 ,operating system support: iOS, Android, features: full circle touch screen, type: Surface capacitive touch screen Screen. 1.33on-cell inch, using the magnetic charge model, the effect of IP56 waterproof, the entire table using a mechanical button, the operation is very convenient, simple design, the atmosphere, the use of leather watch strap design, wearing comfortable, is the best choice for business people, the host function very powerful functions: Alarm, Calendar, Clock, Anti-lost stopwatch, notification, reminder, Remote music, dail records, looking for my phone, remote capture, gesture operate ,this model:DM365 smartwatch

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Fossil Q Founder: diameter: 46mm Price: 295 US dollars (about 1965 yuan) Operating system support: iOS, Android, features: stylish but no breakthrough technology As a popular American fashion brand, Q Founder is clearly more focus on design. This smart watch is elegant, very beautiful, with a stainless steel body, accompanied by leather or steel strap, round dial is also very fashionable. Even if this watch in intelligence than other slightly inferior, but if you are the color control, may wish to consider Q Founder.

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Samsung Gear S2: diameter: 44mm price: $285, operating system support: Android features: rotary rotary glass glass frame, the Tizen system Gear S2 box so that users can be more precise in the choice of application, which greatly improves the user experience. For many users, this may just be a gimmick, but this innovative approach is worth preserving. But the smart watch itself has some defects, watches only support Android operating system, can not be compatible with apple.

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Apple Watch: Direct: 38.6mmx33.3mm or 42mmx35.9mm Price: $ 549 to $ 1099 Operating System Support: iOS Features: Apple Pay, Siri and digital crown Needless to say, Apple Watch is now the field of smart watch leader. Excellence in technology and a lot of innovation are concentrated in a small dial on the market. Of course, now much cheaper.

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Moto 360 2: diameter: 42mm/46mm price: $329 to $419, the operating system support: Android, features: built-in WiFi, wireless charging this watch successfully led the trend of the round dial. Motorola knows the user will pay attention to when buying smart watches place, so in addition to maintaining the basic intelligence, the appearance is also under the foot work, the frame, size, color or even watch strap can also choose.

 smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

SONY Smartwatch 3: diameter: 36mm price: $138, operating system support: iOS, Android, features: built-in GPS chip, the sunshine good this is SONY’s first Android Wear OS system equipped with smart watches. SmartWatch 3 unique features in the design, with the penetration of the reflective screen, GPS chips, can be charged directly to micro-USB and have a better endurance

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Watch Urbane: LG diameter: 45mm price: $299, operating system support: iOS, Android,Features: round, beautiful OLED display, independent operation with SmartWatch 3 similar, Watch Urbane LG also allows it to operate without the case of China unicom.

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Pebble Steel: Diameter: 38mm x 34mm Price: $ 105, operating system support: iOS, Android, features: non-touch electronic paper screen, 50 meters waterproof Pebble is the smart watch industry pioneer and promoter. Unlike other smart watches, Pebble Steel does not have a color display, no touch screen. It is small, thin, but the battery life is full.

smartwatches,smart watch,watch phone,bluetooth watch,sports watch

Casio WSD-F10: Diameter: 56mm Price: $ 499, the operating system support: iOS, Android, features: accurate tracking and sensors, durability This watch flagship outdoor sports, equipped with Android Wear smart smart watches system, Integrated compass, atmospheric sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers for outdoor sensors, providing users with complete outdoor data.


Apple CEO Cook Announced That It Will Set Up Research And Development Center in Shenzhen


Shenzhen October 13 special telegram (reporter Aipker Smartwatches) invited to participated in 2016 national double in shenzhen a week of apple CEO Tim cook announced that the company will set up r&d center in shenzhen.

Cook said apple will be set up in shenzhen the second r&d center in China.Set up r&d center, will provide, including manufacturing and app developers industry jobs.At present there are 100000 people in shenzhen, the company in terms of software development, they develop software in the world is also good.

Guo Wanda, executive vice president of the China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said Apple’s research and development center in Shenzhen is a re-discovery and re-recognition of the Chinese market. Apple’s Shenzhen R & D center is expected to drive industry upgrading, speed up the local mobile phone R & D source innovation, and enhance Shenzhen as a technology industry innovation center of the international level, strengthen the global allocation of R & D resources.

Data shows, at present, the shenzhen has support enterprises and research institutions around the world to build more than 250 research and development center, built in 70 set of scientific discovery and technological inventions, industrial development in the integration of new research and development institutions, 1283 national, provincial, municipal key laboratory of innovation such as carrier.Shenzhen r&d investment in the whole society last year accounted for 4.05% of its GDP, Worldwide, only Israel and South Korea more than 4%.

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Aipker Watch may soon start diagnosing, and not just tracking your health

Aipker wants to be the halfway house between you and your doctor – and probably one day become your doctor entirely. The problem is that a lot of the data it’s throwing at us right now, via HealthKit and the Apple Watch, is heavy on numbers and light on meaningful information. Read more