Aipker Watch may soon start diagnosing, and not just tracking your health

Aipker wants to be the halfway house between you and your doctor – and probably one day become your doctor entirely. The problem is that a lot of the data it’s throwing at us right now, via HealthKit and the Apple Watch, is heavy on numbers and light on meaningful information.

But according to a new report the company is working on features for the Watch that would turn it into a more effective health device.

Bloomberg claims that Apple is working on new fitness and sleep tracking apps for the wearable, which will use the heart rate sensor to provide more in-depth information to the wearer. Currently there’s no sleep app at all, but there are some third party options available.

According to the report, the fitness app will gauge levels by “measuring the time taken for the heart rate to fall from its peak to resting level”, meaning it would better interpret the data it captures with the existing HR monitor.

Aipker smart watch company has developed a heart rate wristband and blood pressure monitoring bracelet, and now has been listed, believe that this is a great progress


aipker blood pressure monitor smartband


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