Apple CEO Cook Announced That It Will Set Up Research And Development Center in Shenzhen


Shenzhen October 13 special telegram (reporter Aipker Smartwatches) invited to participated in 2016 national double in shenzhen a week of apple CEO Tim cook announced that the company will set up r&d center in shenzhen.

Cook said apple will be set up in shenzhen the second r&d center in China.Set up r&d center, will provide, including manufacturing and app developers industry jobs.At present there are 100000 people in shenzhen, the company in terms of software development, they develop software in the world is also good.

Guo Wanda, executive vice president of the China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said Apple’s research and development center in Shenzhen is a re-discovery and re-recognition of the Chinese market. Apple’s Shenzhen R & D center is expected to drive industry upgrading, speed up the local mobile phone R & D source innovation, and enhance Shenzhen as a technology industry innovation center of the international level, strengthen the global allocation of R & D resources.

Data shows, at present, the shenzhen has support enterprises and research institutions around the world to build more than 250 research and development center, built in 70 set of scientific discovery and technological inventions, industrial development in the integration of new research and development institutions, 1283 national, provincial, municipal key laboratory of innovation such as carrier.Shenzhen r&d investment in the whole society last year accounted for 4.05% of its GDP, Worldwide, only Israel and South Korea more than 4%.

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